Transcriptions by Ryoju F
For Jazz Saxophone 

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Yoshiyuki Yamanaka plays "Make The Man Loves Me" From his album "Great Time" recorded with the maestro, pianist Junior Mance

Page 1-6: Score

Tenor Saxophone in Bb

Piano in C 

Make The Man Love Me - 1.jpg
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Bobby Watson_Take The A Train.jpg


Bobby Watson - Take The "A" Train

The Bridge 909 in Studio (2016)

Page 1-2: In Eb

They Didn't1.jpg


Charlie Rouse - They Didn't Believe Me (1960)

Page 1-4: In Bb

Tenor Conclave_Zoot1.jpg


Zoot Sims (The second soloist) - Tenor Conclave (1957)

Page 1-3: In Bb

PDF - Lester Young - This Year's Kisses (1956)

Page 1-3: In C

Page 4-6: In Eb

Page 7-10: Lead sheet in C with the piano intro

PDF - Sidney Bechet - I've Found a New Baby